Financial freedom made easy

A mobile first trading and investment platform that integrates with the market exchanges and invests your savings.

Intuitively designed for newcomers and experts alike, Protrader gives you a clear picture of your portfolio’s performance over time, so you can adjust your positions and learn by doing.

Access tools and features such as price movement notifications and customized investment news so you can find the right moment to invest.

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Join a club promoting good saving habits

Build positive savings habits, earn incentives and qualify for bonus payments. Interest rates of 5.2% per annum apply. Payable every two weeks.

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Improve your financial health

Understand your financial wellbeing and take steps to improve it.

Undergo a quick financial wellness test designed to highlight your financial condition by using our proprietary solution. Review your financial health and sign up to our coaching session for a more customized guide towards recovery or improvement.

Share your report with close friends and family and be a part of our ever growing community of finance enthusiasts.

Work with your personal money manager

Access a robust suite of financial tools to improve your financial IQ and decision making.

Get started with our integrated savings platform designed to enable you save towards your business and individual goals.

Stay up to date with the latest news and analysis from exchanges and companies around the world.

Get live feeds from international and local market exchanges such as the NSE, NASD, FMDQ, AFEX and more.


The financial markets at your fingertips

Create and manage your portfolio with our in-app algorithm designed to increase your wealth and understanding of the financial markets.

View active trades, stock position, prices and trends live from your computer or smartphone.