Create savings goals

Saving only makes sense once it is towards a goal. Build your habits by creating multiple goals from holidays to wedding, all in one platform.

Earn Interest Income

Earn interest on an active savings account. Interest rates of from 6% per annum apply and deposits can be automated from your various bank accounts.

Engage with Community

Join our ever growing community of savings enthusiasts to boost maintain your habits, share tips and create new ways to make savings meaningful in your life.


Set specific amounts
of money aside.

Set specific amounts of money aside for a time period at pre-defined interest rates. Principal plus interest is paid upon maturity. Larger amounts for longer time frames offer the best rates.

We make efforts to grow your funds by offering rates better than what conventional banks offer. Also, our product offerings are easy to understand and are always available at your fingertips.

We give you the right tips at the right time to ensure you’re always on top of your finance game. Round the clock access to your finances.

Your funds are always safe.

Why Choose us?


Your Funds are Secure

Our Payment processors are PCI-DSS compliant to ensure optimum security of your data electronically. All card and bank data are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.


Trusted Partners

We partner with the some of the leading financial institutions in the country to provide relevant financial products when you need them.


Save towards investments

Save into diverse investment portfolios which include treasury bills, government bonds, and professionally managed mutual funds.


One Platform.
Many Financial Uses.

Go beyond savings by taking advantage of our intuitive money manager application, designed to develop healthy financial habits and improve your financial literacy.

Get started with our proprietary Financial Health Test to determine your financial test and get recommended resources to improve your status